Monday, November 23, 2009

Cube Notes

Mutable White Cube

-smoke machine/dry ice (won’t last)
-Christmas Scene
xmas lights
xmas decorations
stuffed santa (blow up doll)
-live animals
Mice running around
-boards or bars suspended from ceiling
Not touching floor
All geometrically straight
Maybe some floor up not touching ceiling
Color? maybe white?
Alternating for better view and foliage
-Cris crossing boards
Make them touch both sides for support
Only need one bracket; make them out of angle iron in the shop
Measure and alternate
Attach at cris cross to avoid holes in wall
Organized or coas?
Hard to draw depth!
TITLE is #’s
Lights? Behind some boards completely hidden
Paint it black?
Paint a circle on boards
Model? What to use to mimic boards? Popsicle sticks w/ cut ends
Some sort of board cut on band saw
Make white box to use as demo over and over 12”x12”x8”
Shoe box (cardboard) painted white
Made a white wooden box model not exactly proportional… but close enough
Cris cross 2”x 4”x 12’ = $4.08 @ Lowes, $2.97 from Leonard’s deal (he needs few days notice)
Spend about $200 on wood gets about 65 boards

Ex. Vong Phaophanit’s (What Falls to the Ground but Cannot be Eaten)
-Bamboo suspended from the ceiling

Arrangement… some could be close together and some apart… not a perfect grid….all 90 degree angles….would white in color take away from detail because of the similarity of the cube?… maybe alternate color black n white…all black or chrome…how close to floor and ceiling w/ horizontal boards and same w/ the walls w/ vertical?...electrical source?.... amount to get good point across?...what is the math?... 4” boards side by side divided by 12’ is around 40 vertical boards…. but that leaves no space…. and w/ 8’ high divided by 4” is around 25 boards…so may only need around 50 boards….30 and 15…the vertical is only 8 footers so a little easier on the wallet!...screw together in back of joints…3” screws…paint?...or leave wood color…get an idea w/ model…may not need a bracket for every connection to wall, floor, or ceiling….
NEW Thoughts for White Cube Installation!
-Something with doors? Door open with s scene maybe Dali’s (Persistence of Time)
-windows with scene looking out on walls
Then what to do with interior of cube?
How to blow up images to window and door size?
Blow up section; could use posters of things…Van Buren Gallery 845-256-8558 for printing…door 2’x6’ $80 2 panels…door 3’x7’ $120 2 panels…window around $50 using double weight mat…image could be anything! for instance---NOTE viewer opens door or window….possible scenes
Bowling alley, street going off into distance, drawing/painting (wouldn’t need to print anything just buy paper), front of car just before it hits you, Andy Warhol standing (life size), myself w/ sunglasses and bathing suit (life size) title; Self- Portrait Behind Closed Door, view from high up, diving board, underwater,
-door looking thru to smaller door, looking thru to a smaller door, looking thru to a yet smaller door, and so on
All the same (Doors) (similar to room of mirrors in Albright Know Museum)
Small doors on wall like Alice in Wonderland
-Distorted doors
EX. Wendle Castle’s (Clock) drooping and all surreal like yet functional
Moving On
-smash a bunch of bottles and cover floor w/ broken glass
-web of wire…attach to walls, floor, ceiling…gage? Color?
-bones all over the place/ dead flesh…sense of smell…make odor so bad your eyes water
-floating paper mache rock like formations
At different heights and size but not touching ground
-whole scene upside down on ceiling
Table, chairs, and dinner set glued “up”
-3D block of Campbell Soup Cans
like Andy Warhol’s (Campbell Soup Cans)
All labels facing out on 4 sides of block
In painting there is 8x4 cans
-Performance; I use my shop vac to vacum up a sand mandala on floor of space
Find colored sand and research mandalas
Would the creation of the mandala be part of the performance?
Class participation?
-One of those huge rolls of hay just placed in the middle of the space
Heavy/ how to get in cube?
Maybe 4 or more bails of hay?
Organic/ animal food/ local product
Smell of hay
Note: Combined with Shin’s idea of pushing out the seams of the cube
Fill 3 walls with hay bails pushing out all the seams of the cube
Stagger bails
Adams farm Kingston 845-336-6300 $9.99 a bail; no delivery
845-255 8050 New Paltz RT 299 $7.95 Bail; no delivery
4 bails in center loose hay busting seams
Corners stacked in columns
2 walls full
1 wall pushing ceiling up at extreme angle
Two walls full pushing up double angle
Covering floor with bails and busting out lower seams: have viewer walk onto bails
“enter at own risk”
Walter de Maria “room of dirt”
Craigslist for free hay bails
Rent a Uhaul to transport bails around $75 all together
-large puzzle floating w/ wire/ fishing line
6”-12” pieces w/ image/ shape
Put in middle of room w/ room to walk around…around 8’ sq.
Purple with yellow maybe a sun
Joe and Shin
Possible titles; “Holes in My Pockets”- “CC’s”-
Shin’s input on the piece in my words as followed; have the vertical boards 9 ft tall
raising the ceiling pushing and shoving, also, have a 12-18 inch gap on the right wall so people a few at a time can walk through the piece (only on that right side) so the left to right horizontals only need to be 10.5-11 ft long.
We agreed to have horizontals going front to back so people have something to look at when inside the cube.
<>Lighting; now that people are entering the cube they would see a light source behind the boards! So…lights on top? No ceiling at all? PAINT?
NOTE: Boards are going to have to intersect to screw together, but if they run the whole length they should cross one or two boards, we are going to have to have horizontals at least ¼ of the way in, in all directions (sides).
-use squares from tool room the set up boards at right angles, 3-3.5 inch screws, two screws per intersection,
QUESTION: the front wall is open so we will use the back wall to make length ones front to back flush in the front?
QUESTION: What amount of boards of each size to order? (12footers)-(8footers)
2nd Free Write for “Cris Cross Crass” –possible name-
Boards, chess, angst, trap, will it work? First one in last one out because there will be no room to pass! PAINT? Motivated. Fit. What will the piece look like, feel like, and seem like? Trucking the materials. Bars. The middle sweetness. What is there to understand? Tech project? NO!! What are in these notes? Cris Cross…Budget. Partners sharing brains, shaving the load: bittersweet. Poem for production, planning ahead, talking it out only can do with words deaf NIN. Everything according for what is supposed to be. 50/50. A whole lot of 90 degrees. 3D intersections. Cris Cross……..
NOTE: need to tweak the model to add new objectives.
NEW: no ceiling on cube, so should the vertical boards go over 8 feet? Might look cool
to see them from the outside, like 10 foot tall?

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