Friday, November 27, 2009

Cube Write Ups

-When do you know it is a right call as far as when variations come up?
-How much should you take outside advice?
-How much did the material size, quantity, effect the final piece?

Working with someone on a big project makes for good and bad. Good to help split material costs and labor, bad because alot of ideas all cannot be used. In our case there was an idea we did not use and that was the wrong call on our part as a team(based on critique results). We worked well together and it was a pleasure creating an installation with another fine arts student. We both had different ideas but the result is a mix of our collaborative creations. As we worked from sketch to model to the actual piece discussion of ideas was key to smooth production. Also the actual construction of cube walls is easier with two people. The whole process is complete and basically the only hang-ups were conceptual. We both are satisfied with the "cube's" outcome!

Dicoveries with Construction/ Implementation
-the grid created was quite strong
-wood needed 2 points screwed into cris-cross pattern to stay up
-fresh batteries in drill makes world of difference when doing alot of screwing
-lighting created great shadows/ do need even better/ more bulbs in rotunda
-moving around 80 2x4's is alot of work
-nice we did not have to make any cuts
-we should of pushed the walls out (push the limits in general)
-left with a large amount of usable material (might try to sell)
-clamping of the boards at connection points made for great extra set of hands
-we had a perfect amount of supplies
-walls needed to be taken down on cube to get some of the wood in place horizontally
-good that we got contractors discount on supplies
-the piece went together like a puzzle
-did not even need the cube walls/ could of just suggested them
-did alot of formating through-out construction
-T-Square was not necessary all the time just eye balled angles
-filling empty space was no problem (in pattern) plenty of materiasl
-we just started building and ended up with satisfactory results

Assessment/ The Next Piece
-make installation so people can climb inside structure
-have piece go to all sides of cube with no "walk space" down the side
-the piece turned out well and sound
-was alot to look at; very complex; moved as viewer moved
-learned viewers prefer interaction
-learned art equals alot of decesions, especially when working large
-minimal is maximal
-make the piece even bigger (50ft) with custom wood sizes and use a public locale
-change location to outside
-would keep cris-cross pattern with larger piece

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